Want to travel to Pakistan? Useful Tips to Know

Going on a trip to Pakistan requires a little bit of preparation, as well as quite a lot of things to know beforehand.

This Pakistan travel guide contains everything you need to know, including all travel information regarding visas, transportation, cultural etiquette, cultural behavior, costs and more!

From hitchhiking on tractors and psychedelic trucks to driving over extremely narrow mountain roads built on a cliff 1,500 meters high, soldiers who voluntarily give you their AK-47 for taking a photo, the most striking landscape and the fact that you can camp in the middle of a paradise completely by yourself. 

COVID-19 travel bans and restrictions for traveling to Pakistan

As of today, travelers wanting to visit Pakistan must be fully vaccinated or present a negative PCR. 

To be honest, Pakistani authorities don’t check it anymore but your airline may require it so.

Travel Insurance for Pakistan with COVID-19 coverage

IATI Insurance is one of the few providers that offers full Coronavirus coverage, not only when it comes to treatment, but also cancellations costs in case you tested positive before departure.

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